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Hit-Air UK - Equestrian Air Vests Safety
Phillip Dutton Olympic Gold Medalist - "I have researched other vests on the market and believe that Hit-Air is the best."

how does the system work?

  • a saddle strap is attached firmly to the stirrup bars
  • the air vest is attached to the saddle strap by a lanyard
  • the inflation is activated when the rider becomes detached from the horse and the lanyard is pulled from the key ball mechanism, this pierces the CO2 canister

how does the air vest deflate again?

  • the vest has a valve which allows the air vest to slowly deflate after it has inflated
  • the deflation process can be speeded up significantly by unscrewing the canister
  • the canister needs to be replaced once the vest has been inflated

do I need a new vest once it has been inflated?

  • no! You simply need to replace the canister, following the instructions provided with your Hit-Air vest. If you need a replacement canister, please click here to order

Servicing is recommended annually or after a heavy fall.  Please contact us directly on 0845 894 2868 to arrange servicing.  The v est will need to be sent (without a canister) to:

Hit-air UK Ltd
Poyle Farm
Poyle Road
Nr Guilford

do I need to wear the vest with a body protector?

  • air vests must be worn with an approved BETA level 3 body protector in BE or FEI competition
  • when otherwise you would not wear a body protector, the Hit-Air vest can be worn on it's own
  • ultimate protection is provided by wearing an air vest and body protector
  • the Hit- Air vest combines well with all types of body protector
  • there is no body protector / air bag combination that will protect from injury in all circumstances, choosing airbag technology helps to significantly minimise the risks

how do I fit my Hit-Air vest?

  • clever internal straps allow the vest to be worn snuggly over the body but can be expanded in order that the vest can also fit neatly over the body protector and / or jackets and coats

will I receive instructions with my air vest?

detailed operating instructions will be sent in the parcel with your vest. Please read carefully before wearing the vest. They include:

  • how to attach the saddle strap to the stirrup bars
  • attaching the Lanyard to the saddle strap
  • changing the canister following activation
  • cleaning and care instructions

where can I obtain replacement canisters?

click here to order.

otherwise please see the list of our suppliers and events. They can be contacted in order to obtain replacement canisters

otherwise call us on 0845 894 2868 to order.

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